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…and I let you get the best of me. 

I love when I have random conversations with strangers about life. It’s like you can tell them any of your secrets because chances are you’ll never see them again.

I spent all night yesterday just reading shared stories on and decided to share my own experience or “glitch in the matrix” moment.

One afternoon I decided to visit my hometown since I had been away for college for a while and went to see my brother and nephew at their house. I was so excited because this specific weekend was the mark of nearly a month without being able to see my nephew - which was a big deal considering I babysat him every day before i left for school - 

I arrived to my brothers house and he was already outside ready to greet me and I immediately asked for my nephew he pointed towards the door (the door is a typical metal/screen door where you can only see the body but no details) I looked over and saw him standing by the door and I ran towards it yelling, “MY BABY!! IM GONNA GET YOU!!” and I hear his giggles and screams and see his little body turning the corner I followed him down the hall and into my brothers room and I’m about to look under the bed when I hear my sister in law scolding my nephew in the kitchen. My heart drops and I rush into the kitchen and yes, my nephew was sitting there crying because he had been scolded, and my question to this day is who was the little boy I followed into my brothers room? 

I’m invisible.

so it was my first year of college and I have always thought that i was invisible but on this specific day it was confirmed because I was sitting in the lounge area in the dormitory where there is a tv and multiple long couches that fit about 4 people each…I was sitting at one end of one and a girl I had just met was sitting at the other. we are carrying on a conversation about who knows what and a random guy who was changing the channel back up and physically sits on me …i thought he was joking at first but he got up and was beet red. thats the day i knew i was invisible xD and all the girl did was youtube the scene in princess diaries when she says she gets sat on and I sat there like yup. this is my life.

Soooo, I was attempting to figure out a way to pay for college, help my parents out, and have a little fun in the process and i came up with the idea of opening a taco shop. my parents are actually supporting my idea. this is cray.


Don’t do it. You may not be able to fix the past or change what haunts you, but you have the opportunity to choose your future. keep fighting bud. 

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